Chez Perlini

I’am consistently awe stricken at the progress he makes with severely damaged horses and in the time frame he does it in. His intuition is second to none…and although everyone is a horse trainer thanks to social media, it takes years of observation, experience, and intuition to ACTUALLY fix or prevent equine behavioral issues. They don’t sell that at Dover and you cant find it in a bottle or bag.
I know that when I send this man a wild and nervous young warmblood colt to be started that its coming back child proof. Occasionally, he gets the horse that he just cant make safe and that horse goes out in a field because its just not a riding horse! The best part about this man, and its the part that the horses respect him most for, is that he has no ego. He doesn’t care what it looks like or what trendy foo foo “horse riders” think. He just gets the damn job done the right way!
Riding and training horses is so much more enjoyable with you around friend! Happy Birthday.



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