Our favorite little catch rider!

We greatly appreciate trainer mom Shannon for letting us use her daughter Susannah Morrell of English Oaks Equestrian as our catch rider. Obviously she is adorable but we love her for her professionalism!!! This young lady is like working with an old pro. After using her for several horses it’s impressive to see how adaptable she is and her ability to work through the questions different horses present her. At this weekends show we threw her on a very green horse for cross rails and she took him around like he’s been doing it his whole life. Ten minutes later we had her jumping around on a very big bodied dutch warmblood with a round jump and big stride. This little girl gets how catch riding is done…she figures the horse out in minutes. She’s always on time, focused, polite, listening, and ready to get the job done!
Our very own Kambrie Warner has done a tremendous job getting this green horse Zen educated enough to be handed over to little Morrell This weekend. Kambrie is making a wonderful children’s cross rail mount, as well as a competitive 3ft horse. Keep up the good work Kambrie! 

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